Thursday, 18 April 2013

Yoga, yoga, yoga

The past two days have been great, which bizarrely makes me nervous in case I'm having a couple of good days before I feel ill again. I am however hoping that the dietry changes are making a real difference.

I realised about a week ago that I had not actually been gluten free, that I had still been having small amounts in herbal tea (four or five of the yogi teas have gluten).

Anyway I'm not going to knock it, yesterday I did an hours power yoga practice (with power yoga on demand) and today Primary series. The weird thing is I feel stronger and more flexible. It's hard to explain, I've always exercised as it made me feel better afterwards, but during I would feel like I was swimming in mud some days. My body felt so heavy, but it was always that way so I just thought that was the way it was. Today and yesterday I felt light, when my arm was over my head in uttitha parsvokonasana it was as it was weightless. In Baddha Konasana both knees came down to the ground with no effort, I have never I think gotten my knees to the ground without an assist.

It's as if I am able to engage all my muscle fibres and all my nerve endings.

Dear imaginary friends, keep your fingers crossed this is an improvement and not just a couple of good days followed by a crash.

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