Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bunged up

I'm feeling some what better today though very, very bunged up. I'm not sure I believe in detoxing, I think the body's system handles toxins fairly well. But still maybe I am. Now to add to the sugar freeness I am stepping down the caffiene till I am free from it again. I have done this before but it crept back in. I want to find out though what my quality of sleep would be like with no sugar or caffiene to stimulate my system. Also whether that improved quality of sleep would translate into more energy in the day time.

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sugar and fiber

I've always had an interest in nutrition both in the factual side and the diet porn side. I love reading diet books and watching shows like the Biggest Loser but have never followed a single diet. I never needed to. I don't especially think I do now but after a few months poorly last year and a lot of time sat studying this year I do have more junk in the trunk. Does this bother me? Nope not at all couldn't give a f**k. What does interest me is eating for more energy, greater health, balancing my immune system.

I quit gluten over a year ago and will never go back, I had health improvements almost instantly. I tried Paleo and the auto-immune protocol for a few months which did seem to help energy wise but was stupid expensive and time consuming cooking other things for the kids. Of course if you were to talk to a Paleo advocate they would sware by it as the cure for all ills, a vegan (one that eats real food not tofurkey and other weird processed things) the same, a raw foodist yup the same. They all have data to back up their claims, they all have supporters more loyal than a religious fanatic or 1d fan. Now logically I don't buy into low carb otherwise why aren't the countries where rice is the main calorie intake have the obesity problem rather than us. Nor do I think fat is the problem (who does these days) perhaps we should be looking at the common ground in these systems.

What they all cut out is firstly processed food, secondly high sugar foods. They all add in a large amount of veg.

Could it be that simple? Cut out sugar, add in fiber? After reading countless books and watching countless documentaries I'm beginning to think it is. That the common ground is why paleo, raw food etc seem to get the same results. So as well as sticking with gluten free I am going to cut sugar out. Now I'm not cutting out fruit as some no sugar advocates say. My only reason for that is the YouTube lecture on sugar by some dude called Lustig who explains the fiber content protects against many of the harmful effects of fructose. Also if fruit was the problem all vegans and raw foodies would be as fat as butter.

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Green juice fast over

I stuck it out for four days which was enough to sort out my digestive tract. By the last day rather than the usual energy whoosh I get when I fast I felt dreadful. I realised why this morning, my period arrived a couple of days early so I had been at the very end of cycle which always causes my energy to plummet. Perhaps not the best timing! I plan on staying sugar free for another month to allow my insides to fully rebalance before the next sugar fest at my sons birthday. I'm kinda excited about being sugar free as it makes me really look forward to my sons birthday tea. That's what sugar should be, a treat. Birthdays, Easter etc should be occasions to really look forward to and splurge on not a massive over indulgence in a sea of indulgences.

Study wise I have exams coming up in a month, I am not feeling especially confident as I missed a whole load of study due to my youngest being poorly. I also have been struggling generally as my husband is working away all the time leaving me looking after the three kids, the house, the pets while working and studying. I shall give it my best and keep fingers crossed!

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Semi-fasting Day 2

I woke up on Tuesday with no appetite and my abdomen physically hurting. Yup I had a good Easter. Nothing wild, just many large family dinners and Easter eggs a plenty. So it was at that point I decided to semi-fast. It goes like this :-

Simple green juice fast

During the day it's liquids only.


Organic hemp protein shake

hemp protein mixed with juiced green vegetables a little ginger can be nice in it.

At that point I also make up a second (large) bottle (just under a litre) of green juice cucumber, dark cabbage, celery etc with a spoon of chlorella for protein.
I then drink that through the morning.


One mug of lemon juice.
Organic bone one cup made in the slow cooker over 48 hours (a little unusual in a fast but amazing for gut healing)

I make a second green juice for the afternoon.

Grilled white fish
With green salad

More lemon juice before bed
Some apple cider vinegar for friendly bacteria

It's v low cal at around 400 calories but the small amount of protein keeps me going, as someone with an autoimmune disorder I found going on a water only fast in the pat made me quite ill, probably the boost it gave my immune system which as any only who knows about autoimmune will tell you the last thing I want to do is over stimulate my immune system. I found the same with juice only fasts the sugar ups and downs screwed me over big time. So I devised this for myself. I guess it's kinda a Paleo semi fast. I wouldn't like to state that as a fact as the Paleo peeps like the vegan peeps can get quite unnerving if you aren't doing it "right"

I am also making sure I stick to my ten thou steps a day and a little yoga even if it's not highly vigorous yoga, twists are great though!

Anyway the first day I didn't feel hungry at all, but I did feel rather lousy as I was recovering from the Easter fun. Today I had a couple of dizzy points this am but at the moment I have so much energy (it's 3pm here) that I feel positively hyperactive. I'm sure that's a temporary thing and I will crash soon!

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Friday, 30 August 2013


Sorry for the lack of blogging, the summer holidays have been as always a non stop chaos fest

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Oh joy

Apparently I have a nasty sinus infection and have been given Doxycycline to sort it. This is making me feel as sick as sick as a sick thing. Horrible antibiotic and I have a room to decorate and move today! Bugger