Thursday, 25 April 2013

Yoga Simbha sequence

I had planned on practicing Primary today, but when I reached the mat I realised my elbows hurt too much for a whole load of jump backs. So instead I practiced Matthew Sweeneys Simbha sequence. I kept it quite gentle, there were a few positions I omitted, the deepest back bends, the lotus back bends I modified to lotus each side lean back chest open. I really like this sequence actually, especially the variation on the Surya Namaskar and the standing leg balance the transition from Utthita padhagustasana to Natajarasana is quite lovely.

I didn't hold for as long as Matthew probably intended and my whole practice took and hour and a quarter. At the moment though gentle practice that can be consistent is more important than killing myself one day and spending the rest of the week in bed exhausted.

Today's gluten free, paleo style lunch was a grilled chicken breast, quinoa, asparagus and carrot.

I am going to use my valkee light device. It may help to make me feel a lot brighter as I am not getting much daylight. Of course if it turns out I have Lupus or mixed connective wotist with Lupus symptoms then the light could trigger an bout of feeling awful. It is I guess an experiment of sorts.

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