Sunday, 14 April 2013

First two weeks gluten free

Here is the weird thing after going gluten free

Within 4 days :-
6 pounds lost, it was clearly all water as my hands, ankles, feet and abdomen changed shape. By the end of the 4 days my rings all needed re-sized and my feet had gone down by half a size. By the way I'm not over weight I'm an English size 10 and was unaware that I had been gathering this extra water.

The sock trenches that had been left in my ankles every evening due no doubt to the edema were gone. They were trenches as well!

Within a week:-
The blepharitis I had been diagnosed with a few years ago, which was not serious but was irritating was gone (sore red itchy eyes)

Within two weeks:-
My poop had changed colour (TMI I know) but I hadn't even noticed that for the past however long it been yellow. Now it is a more regular shade.

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