Monday, 15 April 2013

Bit Ropey

Woke up feeling a bit ropey to be honest, but managed to usher all three kids out the house with everything they need none the less. The boy starts a new school today (he had to leave the last one due to bullying) so fingers crossed that goes well, the teen has his music GCSE performance, lets just say that going by how much he has practiced I am not hopeful! The girl is just thrilled to be back at school. I limped through about 40 mins of yoga after they left, but HOLY SHIT my elbows are killing me today. Thankfully I'm not teaching today. In fact I have quite a quiet few weeks. A lot of my Pilates and yoga students are farmers or part of the industry so they are lambing and calving. Yup I am a yoga teacher with possible Rheumatoid Arthritis, that's a joy isn't it!

I'm hoping to keep enough energy after sorting the tip the kids left the house in to walk to collect the younger two from school. It's not far, only about 15 mins but some days that seem like miles away. It is so sunny though it would seem a shame to miss what might be our one day of daylight. Then I will probably have just about enough energy left to feed them before crawling into bed...rock n roll like! It would help a great deal if the teen contributed to, well anything but his idea of helping is doing fuck all then asking for food to eat whilst on the x box. Such a help ;-)

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