Saturday, 13 April 2013

What the f**k is wrong with me

I have been feeling like crap on off for ages now. It comes out of the blue, this awful feels like flu but without the sneezing and coughing thing. Completely knocks the stuffing out of me for up to weeks at a time. I finally went to the doctors and explained what had been happening for the past year, maybe longer. I'm not sure I can remember feeling energetic in a long time, but that may be perception. He glazed over and I could tell he wanted to pass it off as hormones, being a parent yada yada. Anyway he took some blood tests and one came back high the Rheumatoid factor which indicates some kind of connective tissue disease. Oh joy!

I need to see a specialist to figure out exactly what is going on. In the meantime I'm going to do everything I can to give my body the correct environment it needs to heal.

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