Thursday, 20 June 2013

The plan

So over the past few months its been established I do have an auto immune disease, a non-specific auto immune. Not actually quite sure what that means. But it does explain why I have felt like crap on and off for the past ten years, why when I push my yoga practice I end up ill rather than a super yoga pretzel. When after a busy few weeks or fantastic time socially I'm cabbaged for weeks rather than flicking through photos of a great time.

I have read like a demon over the past few months and put a few things into practice already.
Things that seem to help :-

No gluten, none whatsoever, or pretty much any grains. As soon as I have any I am guaranteed a flare up.
No sugar, it doesn't cause a flare up to the same degree BUT leaves me really tired and cranky for days.
Lots of protein and good fats = no joint pain HURRAH!
Yoga when I have the bounce for it, rest when I need to. In other words pushing through tiredness does NOT work for me.
Of course no additives, but then that's a no brainer to anyone.

Now I'm trying low carb, not too low just around 50 grams a day. Loads of autoimmune sufferers swear by it.

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