Thursday, 20 June 2013

It's ok to sob on the mat isn't it?

So I practiced, I knew my energy was a little low so used Matthew Sweeny's Chandra warm up, threw in a few standing poses then went onto back bends. I so needed back bends today and my theory is my body probably has a clue as to what it needs. I kept it simple with Shalbasana, Danurasana, Ustrasana followed by a bundle of Primary forward bends, I even had a go at Kapotasana, lets just say I may get there in 300 years! Having a burst of energy at this point I decided to arm balance and held Bakasana for 10 breaths and something resembling Tittibasana for 8 (probably wasnt pretty but my arse and feet were off the ground so hey!) at this point I dissolved on the mat and was suddenly so tired I just wanted to sob for a few minutes. Hey ho!

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  1. re -tittibasana -as my teacher would counts! i have those weepy mat days too. like your blog btw :)

  2. Oh crickey it's amazing how what's going on inside comes out on the mat insist it? Oh and thank you :-) I think you are prob one of about three people reading lol but I find it therapeutic to waffle about all this stuff