Thursday, 20 June 2013

Extreme food

I have as you will know found that various foods either make my autoimmune better or worse. I'm not quite paleo as I do like a lentil now and then (wild I know). I am kinda low carb as that seems to work but love a weekend cake. I do eat meat and I do practice yoga, in fact I would like to think of myself as yogini, an imperfect one indeed but trying my best (I once explained to my kids whilst ranting at them that they should have seen me before yoga!)

Now there seems to a bit of a war going on between the Paleo and the vegan camps, of course as I stand in the middle I see a lot of this on yoga blogs, paleo blogs, raw food and vegan blogs. I as I am now gluten free find great recipes on all of those. But good gosh there is some ferocity in this battle. In fact a site has appeared outing ex-vegans! Wowsers.

Now I agree we should look after animals and be kind and if possible avoid eating meat. I tried vegetarianism a number of times and became very ill, no doubt because grains seem to trigger my autoimmune thingy.

Has it never occured to anyone that there is no catch all diet that suits everyone. In fact Paleo and Vegan are not actually in such opposing camps, they both avoid processed food, they both believe in organic, they both believe in local sourcing. In fact they have more in common than not.

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