Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sugar and fiber

I've always had an interest in nutrition both in the factual side and the diet porn side. I love reading diet books and watching shows like the Biggest Loser but have never followed a single diet. I never needed to. I don't especially think I do now but after a few months poorly last year and a lot of time sat studying this year I do have more junk in the trunk. Does this bother me? Nope not at all couldn't give a f**k. What does interest me is eating for more energy, greater health, balancing my immune system.

I quit gluten over a year ago and will never go back, I had health improvements almost instantly. I tried Paleo and the auto-immune protocol for a few months which did seem to help energy wise but was stupid expensive and time consuming cooking other things for the kids. Of course if you were to talk to a Paleo advocate they would sware by it as the cure for all ills, a vegan (one that eats real food not tofurkey and other weird processed things) the same, a raw foodist yup the same. They all have data to back up their claims, they all have supporters more loyal than a religious fanatic or 1d fan. Now logically I don't buy into low carb otherwise why aren't the countries where rice is the main calorie intake have the obesity problem rather than us. Nor do I think fat is the problem (who does these days) perhaps we should be looking at the common ground in these systems.

What they all cut out is firstly processed food, secondly high sugar foods. They all add in a large amount of veg.

Could it be that simple? Cut out sugar, add in fiber? After reading countless books and watching countless documentaries I'm beginning to think it is. That the common ground is why paleo, raw food etc seem to get the same results. So as well as sticking with gluten free I am going to cut sugar out. Now I'm not cutting out fruit as some no sugar advocates say. My only reason for that is the YouTube lecture on sugar by some dude called Lustig who explains the fiber content protects against many of the harmful effects of fructose. Also if fruit was the problem all vegans and raw foodies would be as fat as butter.

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