Saturday, 26 April 2014

Green juice fast over

I stuck it out for four days which was enough to sort out my digestive tract. By the last day rather than the usual energy whoosh I get when I fast I felt dreadful. I realised why this morning, my period arrived a couple of days early so I had been at the very end of cycle which always causes my energy to plummet. Perhaps not the best timing! I plan on staying sugar free for another month to allow my insides to fully rebalance before the next sugar fest at my sons birthday. I'm kinda excited about being sugar free as it makes me really look forward to my sons birthday tea. That's what sugar should be, a treat. Birthdays, Easter etc should be occasions to really look forward to and splurge on not a massive over indulgence in a sea of indulgences.

Study wise I have exams coming up in a month, I am not feeling especially confident as I missed a whole load of study due to my youngest being poorly. I also have been struggling generally as my husband is working away all the time leaving me looking after the three kids, the house, the pets while working and studying. I shall give it my best and keep fingers crossed!

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