Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Semi-fasting Day 2

I woke up on Tuesday with no appetite and my abdomen physically hurting. Yup I had a good Easter. Nothing wild, just many large family dinners and Easter eggs a plenty. So it was at that point I decided to semi-fast. It goes like this :-

Simple green juice fast

During the day it's liquids only.


Organic hemp protein shake

hemp protein mixed with juiced green vegetables a little ginger can be nice in it.

At that point I also make up a second (large) bottle (just under a litre) of green juice cucumber, dark cabbage, celery etc with a spoon of chlorella for protein.
I then drink that through the morning.


One mug of lemon juice.
Organic bone one cup made in the slow cooker over 48 hours (a little unusual in a fast but amazing for gut healing)

I make a second green juice for the afternoon.

Grilled white fish
With green salad

More lemon juice before bed
Some apple cider vinegar for friendly bacteria

It's v low cal at around 400 calories but the small amount of protein keeps me going, as someone with an autoimmune disorder I found going on a water only fast in the pat made me quite ill, probably the boost it gave my immune system which as any only who knows about autoimmune will tell you the last thing I want to do is over stimulate my immune system. I found the same with juice only fasts the sugar ups and downs screwed me over big time. So I devised this for myself. I guess it's kinda a Paleo semi fast. I wouldn't like to state that as a fact as the Paleo peeps like the vegan peeps can get quite unnerving if you aren't doing it "right"

I am also making sure I stick to my ten thou steps a day and a little yoga even if it's not highly vigorous yoga, twists are great though!

Anyway the first day I didn't feel hungry at all, but I did feel rather lousy as I was recovering from the Easter fun. Today I had a couple of dizzy points this am but at the moment I have so much energy (it's 3pm here) that I feel positively hyperactive. I'm sure that's a temporary thing and I will crash soon!

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