Monday, 13 May 2013

Doing pretty good

The paleo diet seems to be working very well, I have more good days than bad. Last weekend I made it to a friends birthday party which was a very late night and this weekend just gone a fabulous yoga workshop. The pay off after doing such things is a day of being totally exhausted which is where I am today but each time that happens it seems to pass after a day of taking it easy. Hopefully that will be the case today! The teacher of the workshop was a guy called Christopher Gladwell, an ex Ashtanga teacher who has now found his own path. It was an amazing experience, very thought provoking and inspiring. He interweaves science with traditional yoga ideas to show how to use myths and allegories as tools for practice. I really liked that I have never really gotten on board with the idea that certain mantras or meditations have totes magic powers. Kudos to those who do but my logical brain just won't go with it. Using these ideas as tools for practice my logical brain was well up for it! Wish that I didn't live some 300 miles from that particular teacher! Bother and drats!

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